I will get the balance right between affordable rates and city growth

This will take  fresh, innovative and agile thinking 


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There's much to see here. So, take your time. I talk a little about my background and also list my position on imporant issues. If you have a question please get in touch. We hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop us a line.

The Platform

United By A Common Goal

 What is my vision for Hamilton?As a council candidate, I understand a liveable city is not only about areas of economic excellence, but one with thriving art and cultural sector and that lead other New Zealand city's in its environmental practices. It's growing, dynamic and vibrant! We continue to be a centre for excellence in Health Care, Science, manufacturing, technology and Academia. The city will not shy away from needing to invest and future proof crucial infrastructure like stormwater, sewerage, water treatment, and roading while embracing alternative transport modes like cycling and the new rail connection to Auckland. Hamilton will be an affordable city to live in for its ratepayers. I am determined to get the balance right between infrastructure, facilities and our growth strategy while ensuring the rates are affordable for Hamiltonians.What will I do If elected 

  • I will work hard to get the rates at or close to the cost of living. This will take fresh, innovative, sustainable and agile thinking.  I understand first-hand the need to protect the environment.  Hamilton city is growing rapidly, and we have tremendous opportunities. It's exciting, but with opportunity comes risk, I believe I've got the skills to work with the balance of elected members and staff to mitigate these risks.
  • I have always supported the development of the Peacocke area and feel balanced growth is essential. I believe in promoting infill development, let's go high in the city centre this will help rejuvenate the CBD.
  • I would work to convince my council colleagues to implement a plan to attract international flights back to Hamilton Airport at no cost to the ratepayer. We would do this by waving all landing fees for the first two years for any airline which operates international flights to Hamilton Hamilton city owns 50% of the airport four neighbouring councils own the balance.
  • I would work to establish a bus service to Hamilton Airport. Initially, as a detour to the existing high-frequency bus services to Te Awamutu.I do not support water metres.
  • A top priority for me is to address the city's traffic congestion.
  • I want Hamilton to be the most family-friendly city in New Zealand. Including destination playgrounds and under-five swimming for free.
  • I truly believe in science and of the need for proactive initiatives to improve health outcomes, including the clear and proven health benefits of vaccinations and fluoride in our water. 

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